Resolutely ethical
Resolutely ethical
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I am, therefore I choose…

The account
that shares my values
without compromise

Together, let's develop sustainable, solidary & interest-free current account.
Join the waitlist and be the first to know when we launch.
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If you want to go fast, walk alone
but if you want to go far, let's walk together.
Ensemble is 100% ethical, how?
Just another current account?
No way
Ensemble is a “société à mission”
Enjoy interest-free banking experience
Funding environmentally and socially destructive industries?
We are totally commited to sustainable development
Hidden fees?
Transparency is one of our key values
Minimal monthly income?
We prioritize fairness and inclusion
Account opening and management
  • Instant and real time
  • Web and mobile access
Micro-donations to your chosen cause
  • Planet
  • Animals
  • People in need
Smart budgeting tool
  • Categorize your expenses
  • Set financial goals
Transfer money abroad
  • Fast and easy
Interbank exchange rate
  • No fees or commissions
  • On ethical spending
Trust and security
  • 3D Secure technology
  • Your funds are insured
  • Block/unblock your card instantly
  • Investing and saving ethically

An idea, a wish or a question? Please do not hesitate!

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ENSEMBLE SAS, a company in the process of being registered with the R.C.S. Paris. Ensemble is currently carrying out pre-launch marketing campaign. No financial transactions are carried out at current stage.
2021 Ensemble SAS | Resolutely ethical
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